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Expanding autism care in Quebec

The ECHO-Autism telementoring program is breaking new ground in Quebec – under the direction of Julie Scorah, PhD – and setting a standard for best practices and expanding knowledge about autism and neurodevelopmental conditions among healthcare providers.

How it works

Using a "hub-and-spoke" model, the program connects expert specialists (the 'Hub Team') with healthcare professionals and trainees in local communities through virtual clinics.

What to expect


Expert lecturers

Each session includes a lecture from a specialist Hub-Team member on a specific topic related to neurodevelopment


Case studies

Participants present case studies from their own practices


Group discussions

Following case study presentations, there's an open discussion where everyone can share insights and ask questions

Participants working in clinical and research settings across Quebec receive tailored and evidence-informed training, leading to better care and support for autistic individuals and people with other neurodevelopmental conditions 

The ECHO model

The Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) model is designed to enhance service delivery and outcomes research.


Its main goal is to reduce health disparities by connecting specialty care with primary care, especially in underserved and remote areas. By bridging these gaps, the ECHO model ensures that everyone, regardless of location, has access to high-quality healthcare.

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Learn more

Explore existing resources on our ECHO-Autism in action


Beyond Diagnosis: ECHO-Autism "Diagnosis in ASD" Workshop, with Ina Winkelmann and Geneviève Côté-Leblanc


ECHO-Autism: A successful model to increase capacity in community-based care


Training professionals to diagnose autism – key to improving access to care

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I really appreciated that the programme incorporated many perspectives and presented cases throughout the lifespan, with both clinical and didactic components, incorporating many perspectives. I’ve learned a lot about the autism spectrum from this ECHO and really appreciated the overall experience.

Jie, Doctoral student, Clinical Psychology (Montreal, Quebec)

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