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Welcome to the
Transforming Autism Care Consortium 

We connect and mobilize Quebec strengths in research to improve quality of life for autistic individuals, people with other neurodevelopmental conditions, and their families
Together, we accelerate scientific discovery, train professionals across sectors, and integrate evidence into practice and policy
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Researchers from 20 universities and research centres in Québec, bridging gaps across institutions, sectors, and disciplines

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Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, training to become the next generation of leaders in neurodevelopment

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Partners, including professionals, clinicians, decision makers, neurodivergent individuals, families, and other community members

TACC in action 

We engage our members in and outside of academia around groundbreaking research initiatives and community-centered collaborations 

Upcoming Events


We are here
to support you

We support members who wish to develop and share work, events, and activities that align with our mission

Become a TACC member

Access grant opportunities, research and clinical training,
grow your network, get support, and more 

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