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Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R) Workshop


Join us for an online workshop on the Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R), a pivotal tool in diagnosing autism.


Whether you're a clinician or a researcher, this workshop is tailored to enhance your proficiency in using the ADI-R in traditional face-to-face settings and via telehealth platforms.

Goals of the workshop:

  • Learn the fundamentals of ADI-R administration and scoring

  • Practice ADI-R coding through observation of two ADI-R administrations and detailed coding discussions

  • Develop practical skills in using and interpreting ADI-R algorithms and classifications

  • Explore the clinical use of the ADI-R (e.g., report writing), its psychometric properties, and associated research


Learn more about what make our workshops unique


Small workshop sizes for better discussions and questions


Trainers bring extensive experience working with diverse age groups and populations, including from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds

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Certified trainers


Tailored advice and evidence-informed support for attendees working in clinical and research settings 


Accredited workshops



Workshops are offered in French or English​


Who should attend

  • New and experienced clinicians, researchers, and students who want to use or learn more about the ADI-R

  • International and Canadian participants are welcome


  • This online workshop is offered over 6 half-days. It is not equivalent to the ADI-R Advanced/Research Workshop, which only takes place in person.​

  • Participants must attend all sessions


This workshop has been approved for accreditation by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ) for professionals practicing in Québec.


Accreditation ensures participants that workshops meet McGill University's high educational standards.


Workshop materials

  • Participants must have access to an ADI-R manual, protocols and algorithm forms to take part in the training.

  • Materials can be in English, French or any of the official ADI-R translations

  • Contact us if you need information on how to acquire these materials. 

Workshop fees

Regular Fee: $1,250 CAD + taxes

Reduced Fee: $1,150 CAD + taxes


The reduced fee applies to students; clinicians in the public healthcare system or the public school system in Canada; all participants from low-income or middle-income countries

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The videos were an integral part of my learning process. As with any new practice or measure, reading the manual and attending a workshop give foundational knowledge, but the coding videos allow for practical application, and the opportunity to iron out habits (good or bad) prior to use. Plus, [certified trainer] Mandy [Steiman]'s transparency in her coding practices gave room for learning, and a platform to feel comfortable asking questions.

Erika, Psychological Associate (Kingston, Ontario)

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