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About Partner For Change

The Power of Partnership

Part of our mission at TACC is to share new discoveries and knowledge with the community, but also to learn from the community so research can better support its needs and priorities. 

One of the most effective ways to enhance research relevance and impact is to partner with members of the community that work directly with neurodivergent individuals and their supportive communities. These partnerships have the potential to help address community needs and maximize the benefits of research for individuals and their families. 

That’s why we’ve created the Partners for Change Program.  

Partners for Change is a new program that fosters and supports partnerships between researchers and experts in other sectors (e.g., heath, education, industry and policy) that address recognized community needs and have potential to improve quality of life for autistic people or people with related conditions, and their families. 

What the Program Can Do

Support and fund existing partnerships between a researcher and community member. 

Foster emerging ideas and new partnerships through tailored opportunities and support.

Whether it's finding a research collaborator or developing a partnership plan, we can help. 

Funded Projects

Our funded projects from the 2023 competition aim to create a more inclusive society by bridging gaps in terms of opportunity and access to employment, healthcare, housing, and the arts. 

PFC employment TECC student
Hanging Frames

Become a TACC member

Benefits include grant opportunities, research and clinical training, networking, and so much more. 

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