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Our initiatives

We are the largest autism research network in Quebec, and one of the largest in the world.

Our initiatives support inclusive research, multidisciplinary collaboration, knowledge mobilization, and intersectional partnerships. 

Quebec 1,000 Families
Q1K: Quebec 1000 Families

Quebec 1,000 (Q1K) is a research initiative and unique collaboration. Its objective is to join the autism research forces in Quebec, clinical and professional expertise, as well as the experience

of autistic individuals and their families to accelerate the discovery process and to transform healthcare and autism services.

Partners for Change 

Partners for Change is an initiative that fosters and supports partnerships between researchers and experts in other sectors.

The goal is to address recognized community needs and to improve quality of life for neurodivergent individuals and their families.

Partners fo Change
Autim Fest Anchor
Art Gallery
Autism Festival

TACC's biennial Autism Festival is a unique opportunity where research and art converge around the theme of neurodiversity inclusion. The aim is to foster engagement and knowledge transfer within Quebec's diverse autism community. 

Research Training and

We offer training and knowledge brokering opportunities to all of our members, whether they be students, researchers, or community stakeholders.

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