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Autism Festival

Our biennial Autism Festival is a unique opportunity where research and art converge around the theme of neurodiversity inclusion.


The aim is to foster engagement and knowledge transfer within Quebec's diverse autism community. 

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Autism Festival 2021-2022:

Creation Initiative

For it's second edition of the Autism Festival, TACC presented the Creation Initiative, a virtual interactive exhibit showcasing the work of 19 autistic artists wanting to share their art and creativity and contribute to a better understanding of the autistic community in Quebec in all its diversity. 

In addition to the virtual exhibit, the Maison de la Culture in Pointe-aux-Trembles showcased the works of 6 autistic adults in a first-time collaboration with TACC. 

Through their paintings, photographs, sculptures and illustrated texts, the artists aimed not only to raise awareness about neurodevelopmental conditions, but also about the social causes they care about. 

Featured artist: Benjamin Lachapelle

Sculptor, illustrator, painter, what Benjamin Lachapelle does is as versatile as he is passionate about animals. Here's how the 19-year-old is turning his art into a budding business.

Featured artist: Marc-Antoine Bolduc

23-year-old Marc-Antoine Bolduc discovered a unique way to express his joys and sorrows, as well as his hopes and dreams. Watch him share his hidden talent for slam poetry.

Autism Festival 2019


At the intersection of science, culture, and society, our inaugural Autism Festival showcased Quebec’s success stories in neurodevelopmental science and in building an inclusive society.


A series of creative activities facilitated interactions between research and other sectors in Quebec, with a focus on education and stimulating broader public interest in autism science.

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