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About us

TACC connects and mobilizes Quebec strengths in research to improve quality of life for autistic individuals, people with other neurodevelopmental conditions, and their families​.


Together, we accelerate scientific discovery, train professionals across sectors, and integrate evidence into practice and policy.

Our story

Welcome to your Transforming Autism Care Consortium

In 2017, members of the autism community presented us with a challenge. They observed that autism research in Quebec was happening in competing silos, disconnected from real-world issues. They urged us to work as a collective to make a bigger impact.


We embraced this call to action. And today, we stand proud, having transformed what once seemed like divisions—such as competitiveness and differing areas of expertise—into strengths. Through research, training, and engagement, TACC serves our community.


Despite progress, major knowledge gaps about autism remain in labs, clinics, schools, homes, and in policy. By connecting and mobilizing diverse perspectives and strengths in research, we can accelerate discovery and advance knowledge and practice. 

With our community partners, we recognize that science is about hope. Together, we will work to turn this hope into results. This is the vision of TACC.

Our network is creating a transformative impact through inclusive and collaborative research, improving quality of life for autistic individuals, people with other neurodevelopmental conditions, and their families. 

Your participation and support is central to making a real and meaningful difference in people's lives. 

Welcome to your network! 

Mayada Elsabbagh, PhD

TACC Co-Director


What we do

We engage 1,000 families in integrated research across hospitals and universities

We launch open and competitive programs for trainees and professionals across sectors

We are building an inclusive network that connects researchers, professionals, decision-makers and community members through collaboration and support


Executive Committee

Scientific Committee


Community Engagement Committee

External Advisors

Management Team



The Transforming Autism Care Consortium is a Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé thematic network.


Thank you to our generous donors: 


The Mike and Valeria Rosenbloom Foundation

The Macdonald Stewart Foundation

Join us

Access grant opportunities, research and clinical training, networking, regular updates, and more

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